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If you want a new automatic garage door installed, or need emergency repairs on your system, then take a look at our customer testimonials on the various professional services and solutions we offered and what they thought about us.

Garage Door Lubrication Maintenance

Professionally Replaced my Broken Spring

“Replacing a broken garage door spring in seemed like such an easy thing to do, until I tried to do it myself. To start with, I got the wrong type of spring and when I eventually got the right one, I think I did more damage than good after a week of struggling to try and get it in. Eventually I called “Garage Door Repair in Duarte” to give me a hand. The technician got here on time, and proved to me that replacing a spring should be done only if you know what you’re doing. I think I'll give DIY a rest for now, and keep their number available for any case of trouble.”

Garage Door Remote Issues

"When my Genie Intellicode clicker stopped working, I contacted this company for help since they have excellent reputation in the local area. My appointment was for the very same day and this was much quicker than I had anticipated. I was more than pleased with the fact that the specialist of Garage Door Repair in Duarte came in right on time. He performed an inspection and a few tests and determined that the trouble maker was the chip of the remote. Gladly, he provided a new garage opener remote of the same model right away. He programmed it, and it was working perfectly. For fast resolution to any issue affecting your automatic overhead door, I suggest hiring this service provider."

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