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Do you know what to do in separate occasions the garage door malfunctions? Find answers here

Can an automatic garage door be opened when the power is out?

Yes, it is still possible to open a garage door in the midst of a power outage by doing it manually. Refer to the garage door opener manual to find out how you can disengage it. Be sure to remove the power supply first to avoid accidents.

What is an emergency release kit?

Many stores, not necessarily emergency garage door service companies that sell an item called: emergency release kit. It serves as an additional lock-release mechanism attached to the garage door. Once installed, it can be used to release the trolley of a garage door opener, making it possible to open the door manually.

Why spring repairs are dangerous?

Garage door spring repair usually includes their adjustment, lubrication or replacement. All these tasks are difficult and involve risks since springs might snap. If they break when you are standing so close to them, they will hurt you seriously. It's best to call our company in Duarte for spring repairs.

Why has my opener remote failed?

The most common reason for this problem, according to the specialists of our garage door company in Duarte, is drained battery. Replace it, clean the cover of the infrared unit and try again. If there is any physical damage to the remote, it has to be fixed. In case the device has come to the end of its useful life, it has to be replaced.

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