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Garage Door Torsion Spring

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Garage doorstorsion springs eventually wear out and break due to metal fatigue. The springs play a big role in counterbalancing the weight of the door. Without them, you cannot raise or close the door. Here are some of the main factors that you should consider when buying garage replacement torsion springs:

Wire Size

This refers to the thickness of the wire used by the manufacturer to make the spring. The rule of thumb is to measure the thickness of 10 or 20 coils. Measurements range from 4.50 to 15.88cm for 10 coils while the range for 20 coils starts at 8.99 to 31.75cm. The thicker the coils, the more weight the spring can withstand. It is advisable to use a tape measure and not a micrometer or calipers to take the measurements. This is because it is not easy to convert caliper measurements and you are likely to buy the wrong extension springs for garage doors.


Measure the length from the first coil to the last coil of the torsion spring. You should not include the cones as part of the spring length. Instead, include only the coils that extend all the way to the cone. Take care because a torsion spring can unwind without warning and theforce exerted by such a spring can cause serious injuries to your fingers. For industrial or commercial extension springs for garage doors, unwind the springs in order to determine the true length.

Inside Diameter

The inside diameter for garage door torsion spring Benbrook can range anywhere from 1 19/32 inches to 8 ½ inches. Most manufacturers mark the inside diameter on the stationary cone or winding. If the cone or torsion spring does not have any of these markings, use a ruler to measure the inside diameter. A tape measure will not give you an accurate figure because it is likely to bend inside the spring.

Spring Wind

Determining the wind of a garage door spring is not easy and you need to be careful. Look at the end of the spring from one end. A spring with a right wind will have the wire running in a clockwise direction. The opposite is true for a spring with a wire that runs in the anticlockwise direction. Another simple way of identifying the spring wind is by looking at the end of the wire. For right wind torsion springs, the ends point right while the opposite is true for left wind springs.

To replace garage door extension springs, you need to consider the wire size, wind, inside diameter, and length. The garage door torsion spring repair cost depends on these factors.

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