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The Most Common Questions about Garage Door Prices

01/02/2014 Back To Blog

Before you start looking for new garage doors in various stores in Duarte, you should really think whether you actually need garage door replacement. You should inspect the entire mechanism very carefully, do a little search in the internet and ask around for the prices of different materials in any garage door company in Duarte.

What is the condition of the existing door?

  •     If you want to get a clear view of the condition of the door, you should clean it very well first and take a close look of its surface. Do you see any signs of mold or rust? Are there any dents? If the corrosion has spread to the surface and there are many damages and dents, you should not bother with the old door, especially if it is not insulated, and have it replaced.
  •     Regardless of your choice of store in California, you should carry with you the manual of the manufacturer because parameters like the size, dimension and weight of the old door will determine the purchase of the new one.

What are the usual prices?

Garage door prices start from a few hundred dollars and can even reach a few thousands depending on what material you choose and what your overall requirements are.

  •     The size and the style of the garage door play a significant role to the final cost. Aluminum overhead doors still cost less than other materials, but it will also depend on what features you add, their thickness, and whether they are insulated or not.
  •     The material is also very important and, in this case, aluminum doors are the cheapest choice unless you add many accessories. Wood and glass doors cost much higher and, of course, the most expensive choice would be the custom made ones.
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